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MIDI Controllers

Here we list the results of our MIDI control surface survey that asks what MIDI controllers you use with Reason and what MIDI controllers you would like to use with Reason.

The results list each manufacturer and model together with the number of people who use or want to use that controller with Reason.

Results as of October 2017


Manufacturer Model Users
Akai APC Mini 1
Akai MIDI Mix 1
Akai MPD232 1
Alesis Control Pad
Arturia Spark LE 1
Behringer BCF2000 1
Behringer BCR2000 1
Behringer FCB1010 1
Behringer X-Touch Mini 1
Cakewalk A-PRO Series 2
Edirol PCR 300 2
FaderFox Micromodel LC2, LD2, LV2 & LX2 (Discontinued) 1
Korg PadControl 2
Korg nanoKONTROL2 1
Mackie Control 1
Mackie Combo, Extender Left 1
Mackie Extender 1
M-Audio Axiom 61 1
M-Audio Oxygen 8 (older model) 1
M-Audio Project Mix I/O 1
Native-Instruments F1 Kontrol 1
Nectar Panorama P1 1
Nektar Panorama P4 2
Novation Automap 1
Novation Impulse 49 1
Novation LaunchPad 1
Novation LaunchPad Mini 1
Novation LaunchPad Pro 1
Novation Remote SL 1
Novation Remote 25SL mk2 1
Roland MCR-8 (Discontinued) 1
Roland System 1 1
Softube Console 1 1
Studiologic Fatar Studiologic VMK188 1
Vestax VCMC600 1

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