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New CV-I/O


Robotic Bean AB, have released two new CV utilities: CV-I Audio to CV and CV-O CV to Audio.

Making CV connections outside of your Reason rack has never been easier! Your Reason devices can now smoothly exchange CV signals with hardware synthesizers or advanced modular software like Reaktor and VCV Rack. All in high resolution and low latency since it uses audio channels to transfer the signals. The CV-I/O Bundle includes CV-I and CV-O, two slick 8-channel devices where each channel can be named and visually monitored.

  • Send and receive CV signals to/from hardware synthesizers, other apps, or VSTs
  • 8 channels of high quality audio/CV conversion
  • Editable label for each channel
  • Bipolar signal LED for each channel
  • Integrate perfectly with Expert Sleepers ES-3, ES-6 and ES-8
  • Work with Soundflower and Virtual Audio Cable

Released 2018-02-09, Version 1.0.0, in the Prop-Shop.


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