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New Mixfood WT4 Wavetable Synthesizer

Mixfood WT4 Front

Studio Corbach has released a new wave table synthesizer the Mixfood WT4 Wavetable Synthesizer. Currently on sale together with other Mixfood rack extensions, in the Propellerheads shop!

This rack extension is a wavetable synthesizer with 1600 supreme quality wavetables (400 unique) in 4 oscillators. Each oscillator has a separate effects-bank, unison, detune, stereo-spread, envelopes, LFO’s, filters, shapers and a mod matrix. On the back of the device each oscillator has a separate dry and wet audio-output for connecting your favourite effect RE’s. To finish off global filter, velocity, pan, glide, poly/mono, legato and a split drive filter/EQ are present to be able to make all the sounds you need. Requires Reason 9.2 and up.

Mixfood WT4 contains 1600 supreme quality wavetables (400 unique) in 4 oscillators. Each wavetable contains 100 single-cycle waveforms that morph very smooth from one to the next. At your fingertips mix & match 1600*100=160.000 single-cycle waveforms! With 4 oscillators the possibilities are near endless (655360000000000000000 different combinations). But Mixfood WT4 is not about numbers, it’s the quality of the wavetables that make it unique.

Each oscillator routes to a separate effects-bank with: Haas effect, EQ, Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Lofi.

Each oscillator also contains the follolwing: 5 Envelopes, 4 LFO’s, Filters, Unison function (2 voices ,4 voices and 4 voices in 3 octaves), Stereo spread, Detune knob, Shapers/tuning, Mod Matrix with 11 sources (constant, envelopes, LFO’s, aftertouch, velocity and modwheel) and 10 destinations (tune, volume, pan, wavetable-index, cutoff, resonance, drive, EQ-frequency, EQ-width and EQ-gain).

Globally Mixfood WT4 contains: Filter, Velocity, Pan, Glide, Poly/mono, Split drive filter/EQ

With these features you are able to make all the sounds you need.

Don’t like the built-in effects? No problem, each oscillator can be connected to your favourite effect by flipping the rack and using the 4 separate dry audio-outputs. Or create even more complex sounds by connecting the 4 separate wet audio-outputs on the back of Mixfood WT4 to other effects.

We’ve created 880+ patches to start with. They are just templates to get you going, change a wavetable, move the index-slider or change a few knobs to get completely new and unique sounds!

Released on 2017-06-09, Version 1.0.0, check it out on the Prop-Shop.


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