Reason Remoter

In Reason 9.5 there is a new export device remote info option in the file menu. Simply select the device in the rack and then select this export option from the file menu and you will be prompted to save it as a text file. The text file gives you the scope manufacturer and device ID. Plus lists all remote items together with their min, max, input and output types.

Reason has a system to allow you to create  sets of rules for how your MIDI control surface works with the Reason devices in the rack. Reason comes with some remote maps already set up that you can add via the preferences, controller tab. However, to create your own remote maps you have to edit or create your own remote map files. These are managed by two separate files, one is called a codec, which sets up details for the controls on your MIDI control surface. While the other file called the remotemap, sets up the rules for what MIDI control will alter what device remote item. You can register with Propellerheads for free to get the full remote sdk.

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