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Welcome to our new tutorial page. Here we will be showing videos and links to Reason related tutorials.

Reason10 Remote Info Files

This first short video was done using my screen reader as the narrator with some nature background. It’s a short video and more will be following soon.

How to add REs to existing remote map using remote info files

This short tutorial is the second in this series and introduces you to using remote info files with existing remote maps to add new Reason devices to your map.

Unlike the remote over ride available in Reason, adding devices to your remote map file, means it is available for all your Reason projects and for every instance of the device in your project and doesn’t overwrite mappings for your other devices.

What’s more, you only need do this once, then it will work automatically for every Reason project just by midi focus on that device.

How to use MIDI groups in Reason Remote Maps

Want to extend your MIDI controller to use MIDI groups in Reason, here’s how with Reason’s Remote Maps Groups.

You can take a basic MIDI controller with only 8 faders and assign multiple groups, allowing each fader to control many items in Reason, watch the video to learn more.

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Using DJTT MIDI Fighter with Reason

This video has links to Remote codec & map for the DJ Tech Tools, MIDI Fighter controller.

Other YouTube Channels

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