Reason Remoter
Interesting Facts
Remote Label

The Noxious, has the longest Remote Item label at 49 chars.

Controller Maps

Reason 9.5 comes shipped with 125 MIDI controller maps across 22 different manufacturers.

Total REs

There are currently 469 Reason rack extensions available in the Prop-shop and from Reason 9.5 there is VST support.

Total Utilities

There are 122 utility rack extensions in the Prop-shop.

Total Instruments

There are 130 instrument rack extensions in the Prop-shop.

Total Effects

There 217 effect rack extensions in the Prop-shop.

Max Pots

The Red Queen 10 Band 3 Mode Equalizer, has 857 pot/fader Remote map controls.

Max Buttons

The Uhbik T, has 176 Remote button map controls.

Max Outputs

The grid64G Gate Sequencer, has 64 Remote value only MIDI outputs.