Reason Remoter

New CV-I/O

Robotic Bean AB, have released two new CV utilities: CV-I Audio to CV and CV-O CV to Audio. Making CV connections outside of your Reason rack has never been easier! Your Reason devices can now smoothly exchange CV signals with hardware synthesizers or advanced modular software like Reaktor and VCV Rack. All in high resolution […]

Two New Instruments by SOFTPHONICS

SOFTPHONICS bring you two new instruments: AIRE Strings and AIRE Woodwind. AIRE instruments are an original group of pristine instruments and players captured in multiple ways with the intention of giving the Reason user ultimate control. Both solo and ensemble are included on top of many articulations. Bringing together the latest rack extension technology with […]

New Parafilter III Sequencer

Presenting: Parafilter by BHK Samples. A New Generation Filterbank with a Serial & Parallel signal flow whose Filter LFO channels can be modulated, automated and mixed using the flexible on-board pattern sequencer. Parafilter comes with a total of 4 audio inputs and outputs. An input and output that split up the sound source internally. And […]

New Pulse PWM Synth

The new multi wave PWM synthesizer, Pulse PWM Synth by Skrock Music is now out. Pulse is a synth with a clear and intuitive interface, unlike the typical Pulse-Width synth. In pulse, several different types of waveforms can be PW modified. Thats 12 waveforms ranging from the standard Pulse/Square waves, to Sawtooths, Triangles and other […]

New Mixfood Ambi Urban Ambiance Generator

The new Ambiance Generator, Mixfood Ambi Urban Ambiance Generator by Studio Corbach is now out. 284 Super High Quality samples, looped, solo and reversable. For generating real sounding ambiances. Fireworks, cars, trains, planes, construction, crouds, nature, water, home appliances, humans and more! Create a perfect mix by setting the 8 generators! All generators have their […]

New PolyIvoks Filter

Red Rock Sound have brought this filter from the 80’s to the Reason rack, the new PolyIvoks Filter is out now. PolyIvoks Filter Developed on the basis of the filter of the legendary Soviet synthesizer of the 1980s, and only now the legendary Soviet analog sound became available in stereo mode. Only for Proppellerheads Reason […]

New Circuit Bent Synthesizers

It started out with classic vintage instruments, Casio SK-1 and an Alesis HR-16, taken into the lab and circuit bent. They were opened up, adding switches, hard wiring new controls that altered them into monsters. Once completed, they were sampled and multi-sampled into tube mic preamps. The switches and knobs caused the instruments to produce […]

New Efektor CP3603 Compressor

Kuassa release a new rack extension to their Efektor range, the Efektor CP3603 Compressor. Completing your virtual pedalboard with our Efektor series, now introducing: KUASSA CP3603 Compressor unit. This unit is a result from endless research of many compressor pedal, a lot of characteristics, and finally we narrowed down everything into one st unit that […]

New Zplane Morphing Filter

LAB:ONE RECORDINGS offer a new filter, Zplane Morphing Filter to the rack. Straight from LAB:ONE Recordings’ PATRIOT range of effect units come Z-Plane, a dedicated dual filter mixing & morphing device. Z-Plane Morphing Filter can change the way you edit filters on the fly for superb transitions, just like the pros Z-Plane is a unit […]

New Equila 3 Band Tonal EQ

LAB:ONE RECORDINGS offer this new 3 Band Tonal EQ to the rack. Straight from LAB:ONE Recordings’ PATRIOT range of effect units come Equila, a simple yet effective device that can help control and shape the tone of your sounds. Equila 3 Band Tonal EQ may look simple in design but has it where it […]