Reason Remoter

New Punisher Audio Mutator

The new Punisher Audio Mutator by LAB:ONE RECORDINGS is here. Straight from LAB:ONE Recordings’ PATRIOT range of effect units come Punisher, an effective sound manipulation device that can warm up to completely destroy your sounds. Punisher Audio Mutator: from hammer-smashed tambourines to Category-5 hurricane windcapless mics, we got ’em all! Punisher is a collective of […]

New Stimulant Subharmonic Generator

LAB:ONE RECORDINGS have released a new rack extension Stimulant Subharmonic Generator for your deep bass sounds. Lab:One Recordings brings to you a revered classic effect as pert of the new PATRIOT range. This unit can help give that extra weight and depth to your current sounds. Immerse yourself with deeper harmonics, all generated from your […]

New ReGain Audio Gain Assistant

LAB:ONE RECORDINGS are offering this new ReGain Audio Gain Assistant rack extension for free. ReGain Audio Gain Assistant does exactly what it says on the tin. Apply fixed dB level values to your channel strips easily and efficiently without the need to twiddle with faders or knobs to get that exact step amount you want. […]

New Melodic Electric Glockenspiel

Jiggery-Pokery Sound are offering this new Melodic Electric Glockenspiel for free till 2nd January 2018. From our Retrospective ReFill comes a dedicated device starring one its most unique samplesets: the 1967 Czech keyboard, the Delicia Melodic. This strange machine is an electronic piano, but one that sounds like something between a glockenspiel and a tubular […]

F-16 Analog Filter Update

Blamsoft, Inc. have updated their analog Filter F-16 to version 1.1.0 F-16 is a multi-mode voltage-controlled filter with a graphical frequency response display. It features sixteen modes, resonance compensation, and drive for analog-style soft clipping. You may recognize the modes from the famous Oberheim Matrix 12 and Xpander filter. F-16 features the same accurate modeling […]

Konarie Chirp Synthesizer

KONARIE MUSIC LLC have released a new synth Konarie Chirp, that is designed for the popular Behringer BCR2000 MIDI hardware. The Konarie “chirp” is a sample based Rack Extension synthesizer instrument made exclusively for the Propellerhead Reason rack. It is the first RE synthesizer designed specifically for optional hardware control – the first RE synthesizer […]

New Optic Multi Channel Analyzer

Introductory Black Friday Sale! 33% off for a limited time. Static Cling have released this new Optic Multi Channel Analyzer that supports viewing 7 stereo channels in multi-colour on one display. Optic is a multi-channel spectrum analyzer capable of analyzing up to 7 different stereo channels at once, displaying their frequency content side by side […]

New Bass Synth Nautilus 2

Nautilus 2 is a follow up to Skrocks first release, Nautilus Bass Synthesizer. Nautilus 1 is now free. Just as with N1, Nautilus 2 is designed for bass sounds. No matter the genre, with 12 waveforms per wave-type (Saw/Square/Triangle) and a multimode ladder filter, tweak on and enjoy! The last four in each wave-type are […]

Lithium WT Synthesizer Update

Lithium by Zakuna Prod, is a wavetable synthesizer with a unique sound. Lithium features a set of custom made wavetables which gives the user freedom to produce anything from warm evolving pads, experimental noisy or classic subtractive style sounds. With a retro look and a straightforward layout, Lithium is based on the idea of experimentation, […]

New RE TM-1 Trigger Multiplexer

Robotic Bean AB have released another great rack extension, the TM-1 Trigger Multiplexer. TM-1 Trigger Multiplexer allows you to connect multi-gate rack sequencers like Redrum, Propulsion, Euclid, Elementary and more, to instruments that only have the standard Gate and Note CV input pair. This opens up a whole new palette of drum instruments and sounds […]