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New Zplane Morphing Filter

Zplane Morphing Filter

LAB:ONE RECORDINGS offer a new filter, Zplane Morphing Filter to the rack.

Straight from LAB:ONE Recordings’ PATRIOT range of effect units come Z-Plane, a dedicated dual filter mixing & morphing device.

Z-Plane Morphing Filter can change the way you edit filters on the fly for superb transitions, just like the pros

Z-Plane is a unit that can mix and morph your sounds by via dedicated filtering controls. Inspired by Red-Queen 3 Mode 10 Band EQ.

  • Frequency: Full audible frequency range (20Hz to 22kHz)
  • Q: Resonance control to get the filter soft and wide or bold and sharp
  • X2 Q: double up for even more ringing resonance
  • Gain: Used for EQ and Shelving filters
  • X2 Gain: double up for even louder / quieter EQ / Shelfving
  • INV: invert the phase of the filter, to create tonally different filtering
  • Mode: Change from Morphing to Mixing mode
  • ClipSafe: Softclipper to prevent overs when driven hard / loud
  • 7 filter modes for each band (Low Shelf, High Shelf, Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject and EQ mode)

The Dual-Function Display on Stimulant (and all PATRIOT range devices) allow the user to access alternative views and settings* to help visualise the effect process as well as audio signal monitoring (pre and post effect). Z-Plane includes audio metering, plus filter display plot with color reference so you can see your band settings clearly. All Dual-Function Displays include an ‘ears only’ mode (turns the display off), so you can be less distracted visually while submersing aurally.

Z-Planealso includes a dedicated CV input and trim for all the knob controls on the front panel.

Additionally, all the PATRIOT devices include a ‘mode’ setting on the back via the power light. GREEN indicates the device is active for processing, RED indicates the device is in bypass mode, and OFF indicates the device will not send out or process audio. A handy approach to determine which devices are in action and perfect for the back-of-the-rack enthusiasts.

Try out Z-Plane today for a free 30 day trial, and feel free to try out the other devices in the PATRIOT range, produced solely by LAB:ONE Recordings

*=Dual-Function display is dependent on the device functionality. Some devices may include extra functions not directly accessibly by the main controls

Released: 2017-12-14, Version: 1.0.0, in the Prop-Shop


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