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Reason Remoter

Get started with Reason 10 Intro, with Europa, Grain, Players and with over 500 rack extensions in the Prop-Shop and VST support.

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The new Expand Layers Refill is now available, with over 200 original patches for the Layers rack extension.

The All RE Remote Item Info Files has been updated, it now contains 533 Remote info files including the new Horizons Synthesizer and ReSwitcher Select Audio Utility rack extensions.

Check out the new tutorial on using MIDI groups in your Remote Maps.

The Novation Automap Control, has an update. It now has over 500 rack extensions including all players and the latest Reason Eletric Bass RE by Propellerheads.

Welcome to Reason Remoter, the place to share your Reason Remote codecs/maps.

Remote codecs are the files used by the Propellerhead Reason DAW software that connects your MIDI control surface to Reason and Remote maps are the files that tell Reason which knob, fader or button does what in the Reason software.

Our Objective

Our aim is to help more Reason users benefit from the use of custom MIDI Remote codecs/maps for better control over Reason by joining Remote authors and Reason users together. A place where you can share Remote codecs/maps or documentation, make wishes for new codecs/maps and generally help you take control over using Reason in a hands-on way.

Join us for FREE

You can join for free either to download a codec/map to work with your specific MIDI control surface or if you write codecs/maps, you can join for free to share your custom codecs/maps.

Make a Wish

If you wish to have a new Remote codec/map wrote for your MIDI control surface, let us know on the wishes page.

Have an idea or site feature request?

If you have an idea you’d like to share or want a new site feature, get in touch and we will be glad to hear from you. We will do our very best to help where ever we can.

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