Reason Remoter

BCR2000 map for selected Korg, NI, Waves, and updated Reason SSL mix channel.

This custom map is an extension to the Propellerhead factory map and includes maps for:

  • Europa (limited mapping)
  • Grain (limited mapping)
  • Klang
  • Splex
  • Korg Legacy Cell
  • Korg MonoPoly
  • Arturia Analogue Lab
  • NI Passive EQ
  • NI Enhanced EQ
  • Waves:
    • RS56 Stereo (one knob will not map due to an error in the Waves code)
    • RS56 Mono
    • Puigtec Stereo
    • Puigtec Mono
    • Puigtec Stereo
    • Puigtec Mono
    • H-EQ (all 4)

    Also a completely overhauled layout for the SSL mixer channel.

    Edits to Mclass EQ comp and lim, but this simply removed unused controls from the layout.

    Support by Serial

    Release date:February 15, 2019
    Last updated:February 15, 2019
    Current version:1.10
    Product type:RemoteMap File
    File format:.remotemap
    File size:13KB
    Requirements:BCR2000 & Reason 10
    Price:£0.00 GBP