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FaderFox LC2 & LV2 Codec

This codec is for the discontinued FaderFox range of controllers LC2 and LV2, originally designed for Ableton Live. It will also work with the LD2 and LX2, if using one of the pre-defined live presets.

There are two versions included, one for each of the control sets available in this range of FaderFox controllers. Each control set are the exact same a part from set 1 uses MIDI channels 10 – 12, while set 2 uses channels 13 – 15.

If you have 2 or more of these controllers, you can use both control sets and double up on the available controls. You can of cause switch between each control set from the controller itself.

The LC2 and LV2 are very similar, a part from the LC2 has a cross fader and only 6 buttons while the LV2 doesn’t have a cross fader but 12 buttons.

Included with this are example remotemap files, that have a reference for all available control item names and descriptions to help you identify them. The control names are based on the units Live labels.

Unit Control Description

On both LC2 and LV2 is a joystick for X/Y control over 2 parameters at the same time. This has 3 modes, switched by the select button and indicated by the 3 LEDS. The first mode “Pan”, has 13 available presets, based on 12 tracks and a master track. The track selected is indicated by the LEDS above the faders.

Next are 3 buttons to switch between 7 modes for the 4 encoders. Again this is indicated by the LEDS next to each button. The first 2 modes (Send & EQ), have 13 presets each, again based on the selected track, indicated by the LEDs above the faders. The next 4 modes (Clip, FX3, FX4 & FX5), are all relative encoder controls. The last mode “Main”, has functions like selecting the current track.

There are 6 faders that are switchable between 2 banks, indicated by the LED next to the group button. On the LC2, this group selection also selects 2 banks for the 6 buttons based on which of the 6 available key modes are selected. On the LV2, you have 2 sets of 6 buttons and they can each be set to any of the same available 6 key modes (Scene-launch, FX-ctrl, Mute, Solo, Track-ctrl & Slot-launch), which is indicated by the 12 LEDS above them.

So in total, with both the LC2 and LV2, you have access to over 700 different MIDI controls that you can use with Reason.

Release date:December 12, 2017
Last updated:September 10, 2018
Current version:1.1
Product type:Remote Codec
File format:zip
File size:38KB