Reason Remoter

Kaleidoscope Waves

Kaleidoscope Waves Refill

Patches for LayersWave Edition rack extension

Kaleidoscope Waves, a collection of colour and shapes in sonic synthesized sound. Categorised into multiple sections with over 200 different patches for the LayersWave Edition rack extension by Reason Studios. This refill requires both Reason 9 or above and the Layers Waves Edition rack extension.


88 Split Keys

21 patches designed for full sized keyboards.


15 patches of atmisferic sound scapes.

Clicks Kicks & Pops

20 patches of yes, clicks, kicks and pops.

Mono Leads

25 monophonic lead patches for EDM and other electronic styles.


35 plucky patches for all styles.

Polly Keys

40 polyphonic patches, for all your chords, keys and pads.


31 rhythmic patches of various patterns and genres.

Special FX

25 special effect patches for your sound scaping, transitions and more.