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New TS-1 Time Slider

Robotic Bean AB new audio timing tool TS-1 Time Slider has been released. Introductory price of 25 Euros until October 22! TS-1 Time Slider is an audio delay built especially for tweaking the timing of the tracks in your song. Much like Slide in the ReGroove Mixer works for MIDI, you can now slide your […]

New M-MAX Multiband Limiter by Red Rock Sound

Intro Price until October 15 Do not miss the moment 🙂 Making music louder is simply not enough for modern styles. M-MAX Multiband Limiter not only provides incredible levels of loudness, but also balances the spectrum and adds character, and all this contributes to the overall level of sound quality. Global Limiter Section: Threshold – […]

Janitor CV Shaper Now Free

Lectric Panda LLC are now offering their Janitor CV Shaper as a Free rack extension. Janitor CV Shaper is a elegant and minimal way to modify your CV signals and get them sounding how you need them. It contains two independent CV shaper units, each with a visual input and output scope. Scale Expand or […]

Skrock Music Sale

Skrock Music have the following synthesizers on sale in the Prop-Shop: right now! Aurora Hybrid Synthesizer 9 Euros Kraft Synthesizer 19 Euros Orbis Wavetable Synthesizer 9 Euros Solaris 19 Euros Tectonic Synthesizer 29 Euros Thermal 9 Euros

grid64G Gate Sequencer Update

Grid64g Gate Sequencer by Retouch Control has an update 1.0.1: patterns can now be edited even if the scenes are controlled by another device in EXT mode. Grid64g is a gate step sequencer device ideal for triggering drum instruments like Kong and Redrum, but also sampler instruments like the NN-19 or NN-XT. The 64 buttons […]

New Kuassa Efektor distortion Bundle

Kuassa have released a new bundle for the Efektor distortion devices and have updates too. This bundle includes all three Efektor distortion devices Efektor DS3603 Distortion Efektor FZ3603 Fuzz Efektor OD3603 Overdrive

New VK-2 Viking Synthesizer Update

Blamsoft, Inc. have updated their Modular Synthesizer VK-2. VK-2 brings you the power of a modular synthesizer, without the hassle of cables. All of the individual synthesis components can be freely routed giving you ultimate power and flexibility. Throughout the device there are DSP enhancements that add analog realism to the sound, from the accurate […]

New Layers Synthesizer from Propellerheads

Special introductory offer – save 30% through September! Put the layered sound of classic keyboards in your music. Layers by Propellerheads is a virtual collection of sought-after synthesizers from the 80s and 90s, re-imagined in a modern, creative instrument. With four separate layers of samples, comprehensive effects and modulation and a built-in step sequencer to […]

New Steerpike BBD Delay Ensemble Version

Jiggery-Pokery Sound have released a update to the Multi-Tap Delay, Steerpike BBD Delay Ensemble to version 2.1.0. Turn on the taps with Steerpike’s Six delay lines, with exceptional ease-of-use and an “at a glance” approach. Inspired by classic delay pedals, each of Steerpike’s delay lines can be played forward with or without feedback, or played […]

New Titus BBD Delay Line Version

Jiggery-Pokery Sound have updated the Bucket Brigade Delay, Titus BBD Delay Line, to version 2.1.0. When you need a single delay line and the ability to pan your dry signal, then Titus is the tool for the job. A simple-to-use DDL-1 alternative, it is based on a single Steerpike channel, and offers both analog BBD […]