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Here you can view and download all the Remote codec/map/doc files as well as find links to other Remote resources.

This archive file contains all the Remote info files for all devices in Reason 10.1 including the Players, Groove Mixer, SSL Mixer, Reason Document & Keyboard, plus all the Instruments,…

This codec is for the discontinued FaderFox range of controllers LC2 and LV2, originally designed for Ableton Live. It will also work with the LD2 and LX2, if using one…

Here is a free sample of the Expand Layers Refill, available in the Prop-Shop. It contains 25 different patches for the Layers rack extension and is free to use. The…

This is an updated version of the Novation Automap Control Remote map 1.4.6 with the addition of the Reason Player devices. It includes all the stock Reason 10 devices and…

This codec and map is not provided or available through Akai. It is been created and worked on by Gerry, There will be updates from time to time and…

This download contains all the remote info files for the stock devices that come shipped with Reason 10. It does not include any discontinued devices or rack extensions available for…

This is just the Remote Codec, it does not include any Remote map file. It is designed to work with the MCR8 set on MIDI option 4, where all controls…

This is an updated version of the Novation Automap Control Remote map 1.4.5 with the addition of over 500 rack extensions including new players. It includes all the stock Reason…

This MIDI codec and map is for the Alesis VI61 controller and has maps for all the Reason stock devices plus a few REs. This also includes documentation that details…

Reason Related Resources

Below are a small collection of Reason related resources you may find helpful.

Free Behringer BCR2000 Remote Map

This free BCR2000 remote map is produced by oenkenstein and also published on

Livid Instruments

Livid Instruments have the following open source resources on GitHub for Remote codecs/maps:

Remote codec/maps for Novation Launchpad/launch control

Tonalaxis Blog

Here you will find various remote codec/map articles and downloads plus more Reason related articles.

Irregular Cluster

Here you will find a few remote codecs and other Reason related things.

Reason Talk (Forum)

There are a range of user contributed Reason related resources available in the Reason Talk forum.

Other Popular Reason Forums

Reason Experts

Reasonb Experts has a collection of helpful tutorials and videos by Hydlide as well as patches, refills and tips all free.

Learn Reason

Learn Reason is another great free resource with tutorials and videos for learning Reason.

Know a great Reason resource?

If you know of a great Reason related resource and want to share it here, get in touch and tell us about it.